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Acute Sheehan's Syndrome: A case and an updated literature review

VOLUMEN 5 - NÚMERO 2 / Abril-Junio (Caso Clí­nico)

Edison Dante Meregildo-Rodríguez, Servicio de Emergencia, Hospital Regional Lambayeque, Chiclayo, Perú

Sheehan’s Syndrome (SS) is postpartum hypopituitarism. SS

presents years after an obstetric hemorrhagic event, with

variable degrees of pituitary hormonal deficiency. Rarely, SS

can present acutely, just after delivery. This is a case of a

24-year-old pregnant woman, with a history of vaginal

bleeding in the past 3 weeks, which became severe 12 h

before she was admitted. The patient presented with severe

anemia, hypoglycemia, hypotension, fever, seizures, and encephalopathy,

so then acute SS was suspected. Panhypopituitarism

was confirmed. Pituitary computed tomography

and magnetic resonance imaging without contrast were

normal. (Rev Mex Endocrinol Metab Nutr. 2018;5:72-4)

Palabras clave: Hypopituitarism. Postpartum hemorrhage. Pituitary gland (Source: MeSH-NLM).

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